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see the Historical Museum

The historical museum underwent a major renovation several years ago, with expanded space and all new exhibits!

Visitors will enjoy a very visual experience, with selected “Big Shot” images and a wide range of photographs, postcards, maps, and other graphics that bring history to life.


The exhibits include interesting artifacts that are reminders of popular attractions from the past, such as the Polynesian-themed Tiki Gardens.  A giant replica of the “Kahuna” tiki god is a highlight of that exhibit. 


Visitors will learn that “Indian Rocks” originally referred to an area that included the mainland near the Narrows and much of the island that is now Indian Rocks Beach, Indian Shores, and Belleair Beach. 


Other memorable landmarks that are represented include the old swing bridge, the Big Indian Rocks Fishing Pier, and Pueblo Village.


A featured exhibit on the Tocobaga Indians includes artifacts found in the area and the beautiful artwork “Tocobaga Fishing” by Hermann Trappman.


Other topics include beach creatures (large sea turtle replica), businesses, hurricanes, beach attire and more. 


The Mystery Shipwreck exhibit features artifacts found at Indian Rocks Beach that seem to indicate a shipwreck offshore.


A whole-wall timeline overlaid on a beach scene gives an overview of the community’s history.

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